Cats have no appreciation for good music.

“You close your eyes, you say goodnight in your own special way. You rest your head and you rest your mind..”

‘Little You and I’, is a song Jason Mraz wrote for his cat.. At the beginning of the track on one of his live albums, he talks about how he used to sit on his bed with his cat and ‘play the musaak’, but if it got too loud kitty would jump down and walk off. So he decided to write this calm, acoustic track to sooth her back to sleep. Aww.

But regarding the musical intolerance, it seems rather typical with cats. Casper can sleep on my bed for hours on end, but as soon as I switch on the radio, or the iPod, or play a single note on the flute, he gets up and walks off.

Perhaps this is just typical feline rudeness. Perhaps their ears aren’t tuned to the correct frequency. Or maybe they just don’t like music. Either way, it seems a pity that our furry friends cannot appreciate beautiful melodies and soothing vocals. They could gain a lot.

Having said this, Casper does seem to like Jason, or he is at least mildly tolerant of his music.. He’ll often stay for a track or two, before finding somewhere else to sleep; somewhere quieter, more convenient, and better suited to his needs.

He’s an adorable bundle of fluff though.


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  1. twinklysparkles
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 01:54:37

    That is a GREAT photo of your Casper. I love it! I don’t have music in my bedroom. I don’t think I’ve noticed if they like music or not. Now my kids just wear their iPods and listen by themselves–not much out loud in the house.
    But cats are fickle no matter what. Fussy and loveable creatures. Aren’t we lucky!


  2. TLS
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 17:54:54

    Thanks twinkly! You have very lucky cats, living in a peaceful house! :)
    Cats are indeed, so difficult to please. Let them out, they want in, and vice versa! But we love them all the same..


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