Losing individuality.

“I’m not like most girls.”
– most girls.

An amusing and unsettlingly true observation.

We all think of ourselves as unique, special, different from everyone else. But we ALL think this. Therefore, putting ourselves in the same boat as everyone else.

Derren Brown did a very interesting experiment recently, based on the concept of Cold Reading – more specifically, the Forer Experiment. He took a small group of random people he had never met before, and through them simply writing their name and date of birth on a piece of paper, he appeared to write a personalised description of each person, their darkest fears, their social status, their hidden thoughts, dreams, desires, and anticipations.

Each person read their descriptions, and could not believe how accurate Derren had been. They commented on how he highlighted aspects of their personality that were so unique and individual to themselves. They were asked to rate the overall accuracy of the statement, and each person rated incredibly high, many unable to find a single incorrect observation.

Derren then got each person to swap descriptions with each other.

All of the descriptions were the same.

I read the text that he used for everyone, and true enough, I found myself completely relating to it.. it was like it was written for me, and me alone. I literally couldn’t, and still can’t, believe that anyone else could feel like I do!

Derren even cleverly wrote to everyone at the end, “It’s very interesting doing your reading in particular, as you present something of a conundrum, which won’t surprise you.”

We all think ourselves so unique, so different from any other. We feel cheated by the idea that we think and feel in the same way. You feel cheated, don’t you.

I bet you’re sat there thinking, “Oh, I bet it wouldn’t relate to me. I’m different.” But I thought the same as you. The sad truth is, you are the same as me, and everyone else on this planet.

Yeah. I don’t like that either.

I guess we all spend so much time trying to make ourselves stand out, but it doesn’t make any difference, because we’re ALL doing it!

Either way, I’d still like to think I’m different from everyone else.

A photo of me when I was little below. I challenge you sit there and tell me that there’s someone else out there who was so goddamned cute as a kid.

Seeeeeeeeee. I am different! ;)