iPad Inception.

“A dream within a dream..”

or rather,

A girl, within a mirror, within an iPad, within a mirror, within an iPad, within a mirror, within an iPad..


If you haven’t already seen the film Inception, you must. It’s a very good film.

I’ve been so busy recently with working for my exams, I still haven’t got round to acknowledging lots of lovely awards that I’ve been given! I feel like I’m being very ungrateful, big big apologies. I promise I’ll make some time soon. :)

I worked out I have less than 3 weeks until I see my lovely French exchange partner again! I really can’t wait to see her, I was very lucky to find such a kind and genuine person such as her, and I’m looking forward to introducing her to the ways of the Brits! :)

Less pleasingly however, I also figured out I have less than 10 weeks until my final exams start.

I’m actually moving out from home just a couple of days after my final exam. So in just over 16 weeks I’ll have completely finished my exams, and I’ll be living in a new home, in a new city! I’m so excited and scared!

16 weeks may seem like ages, but it seems only yesterday it was Christmas, and yet that was 9 weeks ago already!

>> In other news, I had a Cadbury flake for the first time in years. It was very enjoyable.


The incredible true story of the powers of Yoda Cat and his dominion over history exams.


So, after procrastinating constantly (I am the Queen of procrastination), and not revising for my History exam, I decided to use the force (see yesterday’s post), and hoped that the skills of Yoda Cat (aka Casper) would get me through the exam.

Read on, this is a good’un..