Finally seeing the world in high definition!

I’m a glasses-wearer.

I say that, but I don’t actually wear them very often. I hate wearing them, plus I don’t think they look that great on me either.

I’ve got pretty bad eyesight, and I really should wear glasses all the time, apparently it’s actually illegal for me to drive without wearing them..


Only photo of me with glasses I can find.. I only took it at the time cause Casper looked cute. :)

ANYWAY I got contact lenses yesterday! Been desperate to get some for ages, just never got round to it.

My ‘specialist consultant’ was a very odd-looking man with tiny eyes who frowned a lot. Didn’t seem all that promising. But he was nice enough.

After a full eye examination, explaining of all the procedures, finding me the right lenses, sorting out a contract, etc etc, I finally got to try them on!

Queue a humiliating half-hour of me failing miserably at getting them in.

It looked so easy..

But when I FINALLY got them in, the sadistic woman who was ‘guiding’ me made me take them out again, put them in again, take them out again, and then put them back in AGAIN! Not impressed.

I left the opticians with tears streaming down my face, blood-shot eyes that stung like hell, and blurry vision.

But, despite the traumatic experience, I actually like them. Putting them in this morning (BY MYSELF) was much easier, and after a few minutes you forget they’re in!

Plus, I can actually see.

I didn’t realise how blind I was until I got my vision back.