More Kitty Mischief.

The continuing attempts of Casper the Cat to become more closely acquainted with Sid the Goldfish.

Will he ever succeed?



Meet Sid, the goldfish.

My sister and I bought my mum a BioOrb tank for her birthday, complete with a goldfish, who she named Sid.

Sid’s full name is Siddhartha, which is the birth name of the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. We bought two Buddha statues for the tank, so it seemed fitting.


Casper is rather fond of Sid. We like to think they’re ‘friends’, although I think Casper would much rather Sid was his food. Unfortunately for him, there is no chance of this, however he refuses to accept defeat, and relentlessly paws at the tank trying to ‘catch’ him.


Casper also rather likes Sid’s fish food. I guess it’s the next best thing. No matter where we hide the food, he always seems to find it, carrying it in his mouth and trying to bite to open the lid. Silly thing.


Note the teeth marks on the tub…


So there you are! Sid, the goldfish. :)