The power of communication.

Something pretty amazing happened to me today.

It started off with some bad news.. Two days ago I received an email telling me that ‘my application to the university of Reading had been unsuccessful’. I was a bit disheartened by this, as I had really wanted the experience of an interview there, and had spent a long time on my personal statement. (Thankfully I’ve already been given two conditional offers for Bath Spa university, as well as an interview for Chichester uni, all of which I am SO pleased about!)

Anyway, I was keen to know why I had been rejected, as no particular reason had been given to me, so I sent quite a lengthly email last night, politely requesting a bit of feedback on my personal statement, or details as to why my application was unsuccessful.

And this morning I received a reply, saying that “due to the strength of my email, they’ve reconsidered my application”, and… I’ve been given an interview!!!

It just goes to show that if you go that extra mile to contact people, it really pays off.. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

It’s quite amazing that they reconsidered me actually, a record 19,733 people have applied to Reading Uni this year! Plus, they receive more than 7 applications per place.. so for every one place, seven people are fighting for it!

I’m very excited, two university interviews in the next month, and two places already confirmed!

>> In other news: a psychedelic hand.



‘Shroom Doodle.

When you’re sat in some class, bored to death, you often have to resort to using your hand as a canvas, and creating something mildly entertaining.

I’ve always loved how mushrooms look. But not a fan of the taste.

I draw a lot of mushrooms (I get bored a lot), and I’ve been frequently corrected that they’re technically ‘toadstools’.

But to me they are mushrooms. Or ‘shrooms, as they are commonly referred to in my head.

Et Voilà! ..