Watermelon nails!


Funky Jazz Nails!

Can’t believe I just used the word funky.. Haven’t heard that in so long! Reminds me of 70s disco music..

Anyway, just a quick nail design I did.. I went to a jazz night on Friday, been part of it for the last few years, it’s always a great night. Not usually a fan of jazz music, but it’s usually a mixed bunch, bit of everything really.

This was the first year I didn’t perform though! I just didn’t have the time to find something decent to play, and having CFS recently means I just don’t have energy to play at the moment. :(


Ladyburg nails!

Growing up in America, these adorable red-and-black insects were introduced to me as “ladybugs“.

When I moved back to England however, I discovered they were known as “ladybirds“.

To this day, I have never understood why this difference has come about, however I have settled on calling them “ladyburgs“.

Best of both worlds, I think.

Anyway, I painted some lovely ladyburgs on my nails. Hope you like! :)


A hand of playing cards. Literally.

Give me a spade, I’m digging for diamonds.
Give me a club, I’m beating a heart.
Deal me your hand and I’ll shake it, my friend.