Reassuming Blue

Rows of daisies, pick just a few
Grasp their necks and dye them blue
Wilting cornflowers bleeding dye
A declaration beyond goodbye.
Liquorice lingers under my tongue
The hope of hearing words unsung.
Smoke billows from between my teeth
Hiding tar and oak and pine beneath
Ransom my lungs, Poison perfume
The wilted cornflowers begin to bloom
A finger sliding down my cheek,
A touch quite new, a thought antique.
A drop of blue falls on the snow
This is hot, I think you know.



Push me open into borrowed light
Pose questions through my mouth
Sweat sweet sweep under the caution
I’d love to hear that song played white.

Autumn’s grasping her lover prince
But resin lingers under fingernails
Crying mustard tears into coffee-cups
It’s not me they’re trying to convince.

You know sweet red means I believe
So please don’t shred your symmetry
Pin me against champagne floored tiles,
And wrap daisy chains around my sleeve.