Watermelon nails!


iPad Inception.

“A dream within a dream..”

or rather,

A girl, within a mirror, within an iPad, within a mirror, within an iPad, within a mirror, within an iPad..


If you haven’t already seen the film Inception, you must. It’s a very good film.

I’ve been so busy recently with working for my exams, I still haven’t got round to acknowledging lots of lovely awards that I’ve been given! I feel like I’m being very ungrateful, big big apologies. I promise I’ll make some time soon. :)

I worked out I have less than 3 weeks until I see my lovely French exchange partner again! I really can’t wait to see her, I was very lucky to find such a kind and genuine person such as her, and I’m looking forward to introducing her to the ways of the Brits! :)

Less pleasingly however, I also figured out I have less than 10 weeks until my final exams start.

I’m actually moving out from home just a couple of days after my final exam. So in just over 16 weeks I’ll have completely finished my exams, and I’ll be living in a new home, in a new city! I’m so excited and scared!

16 weeks may seem like ages, but it seems only yesterday it was Christmas, and yet that was 9 weeks ago already!

>> In other news, I had a Cadbury flake for the first time in years. It was very enjoyable.

The power of communication.

Something pretty amazing happened to me today.

It started off with some bad news.. Two days ago I received an email telling me that ‘my application to the university of Reading had been unsuccessful’. I was a bit disheartened by this, as I had really wanted the experience of an interview there, and had spent a long time on my personal statement. (Thankfully I’ve already been given two conditional offers for Bath Spa university, as well as an interview for Chichester uni, all of which I am SO pleased about!)

Anyway, I was keen to know why I had been rejected, as no particular reason had been given to me, so I sent quite a lengthly email last night, politely requesting a bit of feedback on my personal statement, or details as to why my application was unsuccessful.

And this morning I received a reply, saying that “due to the strength of my email, they’ve reconsidered my application”, and… I’ve been given an interview!!!

It just goes to show that if you go that extra mile to contact people, it really pays off.. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

It’s quite amazing that they reconsidered me actually, a record 19,733 people have applied to Reading Uni this year! Plus, they receive more than 7 applications per place.. so for every one place, seven people are fighting for it!

I’m very excited, two university interviews in the next month, and two places already confirmed!

>> In other news: a psychedelic hand.


“To err is human, to purr, feline.”



Happy pancake day!!

I’ve decided to give up chocolate for lent.. wish me luck..

But for today, pancakes were on the menu! I made a big batch of them, yummy!



Kitty Snoozes..

“Life is merely that inevitable time that occurs between sleeps.”

No matter how many hours of sleep Casper has, he’s always willing to have some more.

Oh, to be a cat..


Baileys Ice Chocolate Cappuccinos!

This is a wonderful way to use up the last of the Baileys you bought over Christmas!

I found the recipe online at the Baileys Online Lounge, and had just enough Baileys left to make two delicious Ice Chocolate Cappuccinos


Click below to read on – see the recipe and make your own!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Got my hair cut today! Decided to change things up a bit and got a block fringe. :)

For everyone asking, I dye my hair with Henna! It’s 100% natural, made from plants, and gives a fantastic colour. What’s more, it doesn’t damage your hair – it actually conditions it – and gives it a beautiful shine!

My natural hair is a mousy light brown colour, but Henna makes it a luscious dark red. It’s unbelievably inexpensive (£4 a box!), although if a little messy to put on.. I fully recommend it to anyone who wants red hair in great condition!

I last dyed my hair with Henna about 6 weeks ago, so the colour isn’t that strong at the moment, it needs doing again soon. :)


Spot the cat.


How or why Casper ever got up there, I will never know…


Just noticed that I’ve had over 1000 views!

This may seem like a very small number to all you who have been blogging for a long time and have tens of thousands of hits, but I only started at the beginning of the year, and 1000 hits means so much to me! The fact that an average of 30 people have taken the time out to take a look at the details in the fabric of my blog, is a truly wonderful feeling.

So really I just wanted to thank all the wonderful people who have visited (and have yet to visit!) my humble blog. Especially to all the wonderful people who come back day after day, and provide such wonderful support by liking and commenting on my posts. I cannot thank you enough. I love reading your comments, ideas, disagreements and agreements on my views, and your kindness and compliments brighten up my day, every day!

I started blogging as a simple creative outlet.. just a place to air the cobwebs of my mind that don’t often get seen.. to post a few photos, write a few poems, share a few ideas.. nothing special. I didn’t think it would come to much.

But now I find myself putting aside time every day to write new things, I’m so much more inspired! And of course I absolutely love reading and discovering everyone else’s beautiful work.

So 1000 hits! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

Me and Casper even had a celebratory cuddle.. :)


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