Kitty Mischief.

Photos below: Casper playing with his Christmas present!

It’s so wonderful to have bought Casper something that he actually plays with. More often than not, he either ignores any presents I give him, or uses them for something completely different.

To list just a few..

  • A special ‘igloo’ indoor bed that we bought him, because he is forever hiding inside things.
    He never once went inside, and instead slept on top of it.
  • Catnip bubbles.
    He drank them.
  • Deluxe scratch post with a hiding box at the bottom, and a bed at the top.
    He ignored everything apart from the corners, of which he chewed to pieces. (To be fair, he did occasionally using the scratch post. But still.)
  • A cat lead. I thought I’d get one on the off chance he’d like it.
    He didn’t.
  • A treat dispensing toy. The idea was that the cat plays with the toy, rolling it on the floor and moving it around, and you’d fill it with treats which would fall out when the toy was being played with.
    Casper was completely disinterested, turning his nose up and refusing to even try it out.
  • A wind up mouse.
    He merely gave it the evil eye and flounced off.
  • However, as soon as something isn’t a toy, and isn’t meant for kitties, I have Casper’s full attention. Any piece of string, any plastic bag, any cardboard box. He’s in there like a flash, merrily playing away, hiding in the box, chasing normal (i.e. toxic) bubbles, playing around with the treat box to try to open it and get some treats.. The list is endless.

    I guess cats will be cats. They’re much like kids in this sense – a lot of children would have more fun making a big old cardboard box into a rocket, at virtually no cost, than one of those big expensive plastic cars you can buy for kids nowadays.

    Anyway, Casper actually likes his latest Christmas present! (A furry rustle sack, see A little late for festivities, but..) However, he hasn’t quite grasped the fact that he’s supposed to go in it, not on it. Either way, he’s interested enough in it, which makes me happy. :)

    What a wonderful fluffy nuisance he is.


    P.S. It seems I may have become a ‘crazy cat lady’. I do waaaay too many posts about Casper. Apologies. :)