An English china teacup. Containing tea this time. (No plants).

(Title is referring to the photos from a recent post, A teapot plant and a glass of petals for two, please.)

So, the tea of choice today was somewhat exotic; Pear and Guava, with slices of kiwi and chunks of papaya. Mmm.

“Perhaps you would like some tea, as soon as it can be got?”
They both declared they should prefer it to anything.

– from Mansfield Park, by the wonderful Miss Jane Austen.


> > Oh and on a side note, I made an insanely nice salad yesterday..

Ingredients of insanely nice salad: Carrot, avocado, apple, cheese, lettuce, red cabbage, tomato, celery, and cucumber.


A teapot plant for two and a glass of petals, please.