“Behind every gifted woman, there’s often a rather talented cat.”

I was reluctant to put that as the title, because it sounds like I’m declaring myself to be “gifted”! My mum bought me a postcard with the above quote, which is now happily stuck on my wall. I’m certainly not gifted but I do have a wonderful kitty at my side.

This blog is quickly turning into a Casper photography collection..


In other news, it’s snowing today! First snow of the year!

Being in England of course, ‘snow’ means pathetic little fluffy flakes that gently fall on the ground and melt, with the occasional one settling.. None of those hardcore American winters that I grew up with, with the epic snowmen we used to make, the hours spent sledging, the excitement of being ‘snowed in’ for days on end.

I’m a bit of a Scrooge with snow recently though. I really hate being cold, and unfortunately cold tends to go hand-in-hand with snow. Snow is beautiful though, no one can deny that. (Obviously not counting old snow that crumbles and goes brown and sludgy, of course.)

A small collection of adorable fluff.