PVCFS, bubble baths, and a Higher Love.

“Think about it, there must be a Higher Love.. down in the heart and in the stars above..”

Beautiful lyrics from a truly beautiful song. I recently discovered it through a TV ad. Take a listen to James Vincent Mcmorrow’s cover of Higher Love. His voice is wonderfully haunting, and will give you tingles for sure. Perfection.


“Bring me a Higher Love..”

Even if that Higher Love is me standing on the loo seat in my bathroom, just to photograph a heart of pink water from a bath filled with bubbles.

I love baths.

I’m a water baby; I was born in water, at home in a special birthing pool. My parents were even going to call me Delphina (dolphin), but Dad didn’t like it much. I’ve always been a pretty good swimmer though, right from the word go, haha.

That feeling of being immersed in clean, clear water.. I always feel so free.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had glandular fever, and it’s kindly left me with an overwhelming tiredness. This is the kind of tiredness that hangs over you like a huge shadow, and consumes you. The kind of tiredness that you didn’t realise existed until you experienced it. It’s not like ‘yawn-I’m-so-sleepy’ tired, or ‘phew-that-was-hard-work’ tired, but it’s always there. Every night I go to bed with it, and every morning I wake up with it, completely unrefreshed..

I really don’t like talking about being ill, which is why I haven’t mentioned it yet, and I don’t really intend to dwell much on it in future posts either. People are worse off than me, and I guess I’ve just got my cross to bear for a bit, until I get better. (Approx 3 to 6 months I’ve been told..) But it is relevant, I promise. Another huge part of PVCFS is that I have constant aching muscles. Like the tiredness, it gets better and worse, but it never goes away.

But.. wait for it.. I have found a cure! A cure for the aching muscles! Well, a temporary one at least. And the cure, ladies and gentlemen, is a good soak in the tub. Yay! And demonstrate the effectiveness of the cure, I will give you the example of Thursday evening. On Thursday evening, I was so relieved and relaxed in the bath that I stayed in it for two-and-a-half hours.. Just soaking, and occasionally topping up with a splash of hot water. I think that’s a record, even by my standards.

After I told mum about the incredible healing powers of l’eau chaude I had experienced, she took me to a spa! We went yesterday. It was divine. I was so relaxed that for a time it was like I wasn’t even ill. It had indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, a hot bubbling jacuzzi, refreshing sauna and steam rooms, and a warm ‘relaxation room’, playing calm music and filled with chaise-longues and pillows. It was heaven. (Literally, I think I might have actually briefly floated up to the skies above and said hi to Big G for a moment.)

Thanks mum!